Telling It Slant


I’m not a fan of football reporting in general but August leaves me drained and more so this year as we watch the media glee which would have us believe that Leicester City Football Club cannot, will not, repeat their glorious triumph of 2015-1016. The sinking ship, while not being deserted exactly is certainly, the press would have us believe, being dismantled: Mahrez to Arsenal, Schlupp to West Bromwich Albion, Chilwell to Liverpool and Schmeichel to Everton or should that be Bayern Munich? Schmeichel, after all has been spotted reading Carlo Ancelotti’s autobiography ‘Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches’. With the band of brothers scattered to the four winds, the odds on favourite for winning the Premiership must surely be Mourinho, I mean Conté (now that he has Kante), I mean Koeman (now that he has Walsh). It’s Klopp’s season, surely, or Arsene’s nearly men or do I mean Pochettino? Meanwhile…

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