I’m reacquainting myself with An Angel at My Table by Janet Frame, which I must have read about twenty years ago.  I will have been introduced to it via the Jane Campion film of 1990 on the basis that I had never heard of Janet Frame before that film.  I am quite happy to let a film introduce me to the book (I know the considered reading etiquette is to read first and watch later, but I was never one for that convention.)

An Angel At My Table Cover

In looking for an image of the book to add to this page, I found a link to Penelope Fitzgerald and discovered a very encouraging couple of sentences in her biographical details:

                    She was first published at sixty and became famous at eighty. This is a

                    story of lateness, patience and persistence: a private form of heroism.

Lateness, patience and persistence.  It’s never too late, patience is a virtue, and persistence?  To quote, Hal Borland:

Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.












Frame, J. An Angel at My Table (2008; London: Virago)

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