The Waterboys

I’m not one for silence.  I have background music on all day, and if I’m walking the dog by myself, I’ll take something to listen to.  Listening to music on the radio can be a auditory blur, but now and again a song lifts itself above the rest.  When this happens, I’m straight onto Shazam to find out what it is.  Sometimes, as in the last few weeks, I find that I’m checking out the same song and this has happened recently with the single from The Waterboys new album, Modern Blues, released at the end of January, 2015

The song is called, ‘November Tale’ and thanks to

I have been able to print the lyrics and iron out straight away any possibility of me singing mis-heard words.  The song is a tale, a good old fashioned tale with the beginning, middle and end required by a narrative.  It is an intriguing story of lovers who after a lifetime together realise they are poles apart, but have enough between them to still be together.  They meet, ‘… on the mad parade…’  and that might be just as good as it gets.




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